Software Development

Software development

Nowadays its quite clear that the demand is way greater than the actual supply of experienced software developers. Outsourcing and adding remote personnel to speed up the process while keeping the costs down is therefore more popular than ever. Want to know what we can help with?

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  • Kubernetes, Docker, AWS,google Cloud, C#, Elixir, Pascal, Perl, Python, Ruby, Swift, .NET eller PHP.

Rather than specializing in one particular skillset, we’ve picked the best developers in different areas. Allowing our customers to create a team based on their needs.

The flexibility with Sweetopia is huge, and based on a large database of experienced and tested web and software developers. We have experience in everything from smaller WordPress assignments to large Django projects with ongoing development. The projects can either be managed together with our Swedish project managers or direct with the developer in English.


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We listen to your needs and are able to help you, in building a team of remote developers. Contact us now for a free evaluation.