Sweetopia AB

Sweetopia AB

Cost-efficient web and software development that creates a better world. Looking to lower your dev costs? In need of an addition to your current development team?

Cost-effective programming

Whether you are a startup, struggling to find that affordable option for your web development. Or a scale-up in need of experienced developers, we are here for you. Sweetopia believes in digital diversity. We combine pieces of knowledge from different parts of the world in order to make a difference. Thanks to our customers, we create new job opportunities in Africa and measure all assignments with Swedish standards. That’s what we call a win-win!
Web development
Web Development We’ve helped several companies to build their websites with brilliant results. We are with you all the way, building based on your needs and educating you to take over once the assignment is...
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Mobile applications
Mobile applications Your customers are in this small, beautiful device called mobile. We create native and cross platform applications that are adapted for both iOS and Android. Our consultants can join in for smaller projects...
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Software Development
Software development Nowadays its quite clear that the demand is way greater than the actual supply of experienced software developers. Outsourcing and adding remote personnel to speed up the process while keeping the costs down...
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Our Swedish team has many years of experience in digital marketing and SEO. Do you also want to climb the search engines? We offer both onsite and offsite help, review your existing SEO and customize...
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Why choose Sweetopia?

Cost efficiency

What if we told you that you can cut your software development costs into half? As a startup and social enterprise, our focus is on delivering high quality software development to our clients, without a crazy price tag. We make senior IT competence affordable and give you the opportunity to build a whole team to a fair and reasonable price.

Quality assurance

So how’s the quality? We measure all projects based on Swedish standards and offer our consultants ongoing development opportunities. As our client, you can always expect everything from coding, communication and handover being delivered with top quality. Competence from Sweden and Ethiopia is combined to create the best possible result.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is the reason why we’re here today. Everything started with two childhood friends with a vision: to make the world a little bit better. We founded Sweetopia with complementary skills in order to together create more IT jobs in Africa, to educate and motivate more young people to chase what they believe in.

Tech stack

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